Teaching Approach

I motivate students to enjoy learning, to give them the confidence to tackle and solve problems, leading to exam success. I am friendly, approachable and have immense patience. The new GCSE Maths and A level exams are more challenging and there is a lot more problem solving involved. I can explain concepts simply, carefully scaffolding the processes and methods involved so that students find topics easier to understand.


I have considerable experience teaching and tutoring Maths to all ages and abilities, including to adult learners. I have up to date knowledge of the new GCSE and A Level Maths exams and their requirements. I have a track record of exam success at GCSE and A level, helping students to both attain and surpass their target grades.


Private tuition for either Foundation or Higher GCSE Mathematics, A level and KS3. Experienced qualified Maths Teacher. Effective and engaging tuition helping students achieve their goals. Targeted revision focusing on weak areas. Help given with revision techniques. Comfortable learning environment.


Learning Zone

Very comfortable, modern maths learning environment using a projector and large A3 whiteboards to aid learning.


I have a wide range of differentiated teaching materials and resources to enhance my tutoring. These include past GCSE exam papers, challenge activities, worksheets and online teaching aids.